At the present time, online betting is becoming more and more accepted by players. Everyone wants to find a reputable house to play. In this article, let’s analyze and find out what are the criteria for evaluation prestigious bookmaker ?

Understand about a bookmaker

What is a bookmaker? What is a prestigious bookmaker?

What is a bookmaker? A question many people ask besides what is a prestigious house.

A bookmaker is the name refer to any online betting business units. The forms of business can be known as: Sports betting, lotto, football, casino house…

However, many people still mistakenly believe that the house is the unit can manipulate and calculate the winning rate. In fact, the bookmaker is just an intermediary. A place that integrates betting products on their website.

A specific example for you to understand better. For example, the bookmaker X1BET – the top 1 house in Asia. It integrates many different betting game such as casino, card game, football betting, cockfight, dice, fortune teller…

The winning rate on this house are updated by game providers. Totally not decided by the house.

The bookmaker is a place that business in all types of online betting.

Type of bookmakers on the market today

To find out what a prestigious bookmaker is. We need to briefly know about the type of bookmaker on the market which is many different types. Depending on the areas that are divided as follows:

  • Bookmakers specializing in sports betting
  • Bookmakers specializing in slot games
  • Bookmakers specializing in casino games

Criteria to evaluate a prestigious bookmaker

What is a reputable bookmaker ? Depend on what criteria? See these suggestions below.

A prestigious bookmaker is a legal bookmaker

A legal bookmaker is the official operating, with a permissioned business license. There is a government guarantee and recognized by the world’s betting organizations.

These legal books will create an absolute transparency, credibility and confidentiality of information.

A illegal bookmaker has no credibility

Contrary to the legal bookmaker are those illegal bookies. Also known as the underground house. These bookies do not have a license to operate. Transparency is not guaranteed. It is very easy for players to lose money or get scammed if they join an unscrupulous house.

What are other criteria to evaluate a prestigious bookmaker?

The above has helped readers understand what a reputable bookmaker is? However, adding the following criteria for players to easily find the best entertainment place.

Before deciding to join. You have to see if the bookie meets these criteria:

  • A reputable bookmaker is one that has a clear operating license
  • With a mechanism and advantage of quick deposit/withdrawal
  • The layout designed by the bookmaker has to be eye-catching and scientific. Because when determining sustainability and long-term business. They will invest with the most beautiful and quality images.
  • A prestigious bookmaker will have a variety of games, many attractive bet setting
  • Many hot deals and promotions for both new and old players
  • Always have the most dedicated and attentive customer service.

A prestigious bookmaker always comes with a professional customer service.

The legal bookmaker X1BET – the most prestigious bookmaker in Asia

You probably know by now what a prestigious bookmaker is. We would like to introduce to players a house that fully meets all of the above criteria. That is the house X1BET .

This is a legitimate bookmaker with a granted business license and government guarantee. Founded by a group specializing in the largest gambling business in Asia.

The house has a variety of games for you to experience. The odds are extremely attractive. Hot promotion. Most importantly, transparency and fairness. Here you can deposit and withdraw comfortably. Fast and extremely convenient.


After knowing what a prestigious bookmaker is? As well as how to find a reputable bookmaker. Hope you guys will find yourself the most wonderful entertainment space. Do not play wrongly at the illegal bookies. Good luck!


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