X1BET is the top 1 reputable bookmaker in Asia with quality and variety of game. In order to play at X1BET, you need to register first. Below is the most detailed X1BET registration guideline. Register is a step to get closer to prizes.

Register is a step to get closer to prizes.

X1BET registration guideline

You can sign up for an X1BET account on your computer or your mobile device. The most detailed X1BET registration guideline listed below.

Registration guideline via PC

On a computer, account registration is extremely simple. You just need to go to the homepage of X1BET. Then click on subscriptions. A form with the required information will appear. Fill in all the required information. Then click confirm registration to have an account on X1BET.

Registration guideline via Mobile Phone

Registering on a phone is as simple as on a PC. However, the interface on the phone will be slightly different. The sign-up button will be next to the login button like the image below.

The step is also like on PC. Click on the “Register” button. The form will then appear. You just need to fill in the required information. Then click confirm registration. Easy at that, and you are already having an account at X1BET.

Conditions needed before registering an X1BET account

Conditions needed when registering an account X1BET

Conditions required before registering for an X1BET account. Before registration, the following conditions must be met:

  • Participants are 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a bank card – an official bank account in your name. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw your money if you win.
  • You can only register one account at X1BET. If you already have a pre-registered account. You are not allowed to register another account.

With this X1BET registration guide. A complete newbie can still understand since it is not complicated at all.

X1BET Requirements before registering an account

X1BET registration instructions are extremely simple. You need to meet the requirements below.

  • The registrant must have all the personal papers which used for authentication. The documents you can use are: Passport, citizen identification (ID card), or driver’s license…
  • Players can take pictures of the above documents to register an account.
  • Players must have the devices to play like computer or phone that have an internet connection.
  • If you are not keen on playing on the computer. You can download the X1BET App to play directly on your phone.
Download X1BET app

Download X1BET app to have better experiences.

Entertaining at X1BET

Players are completely assured when participating in X1BET for the following reasons:

X1BET has maximized security system

All players personal information on X1BET is strictly confidential. All of which are encrypted and secured. With infrastructure, as well as modern facilities, customers are completely safe when entertaining at X1BET.

With the created account, you can play all kind of games you wish for. Wide variety of games at X1BET

  • Sports games: Football, volleyball, racing, basketball…
  • 3D games: Shooting fish, Thirteen, Blackjack…
  • Various types of lottery games
  • Casino games such as Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Sic Bo…

In addition to the games mentioned above. You can also participate in many other attractive games with high reward conversion rates.

Summary of X1BET registration instructions

In this article, we have provided the easiest way to register at X1BET. As well as the necessary and sufficient conditions to be able to registration. Wish you successful registration and have moments of relaxation at X1BET.


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